How To Get Gems Fast

Gems can be a struggle to get. I remember playing the minigames repeatedly just to get a decent amount of gems. I finally gave up and started to recycle my items, but I lost a lot that way.
Wanting to know how to get gems fast? Fuzzy here with some great information.


The best way to get gems is to play the Adventure Training Grounds.

I know. You’re probably thinking, “Fuzzy, what are you talking about? All you have to do is play Falling Phantoms for a while and you’ll get a ton of gems.”
No. Let’s think about this. In Training Grounds, you get 250 gems each time. In Falling Phantoms, that number varies. Who’s to say you’ll win every single time?

If you play Training Grounds in one minute, you’re getting 250 gems per minute. That’s 3750 per 15 minutes, 7500 per 30 minutes, and 15000 gems per hour.
See? It’s really the best way to earn gems. There’s no fluctuation in the amount of gems you’re earning, and if you really get good at it, you can even drop your time down to fifty seconds and get even more gems in one hour.