Visiting the April Fools’ Party!

I went to the April Fools’ Party and it’s pretty crazy! 😛


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Weird Item/Glitch

What is this weird item?

I saw this strange item floating around Jamaa, and wanted to share it with you guys…

Screenshot 2017-04-08 at 7.35.20 AM
What is this item, and why is it in Animal Jam?

As you guys can tell, this item is just a blank box with the numbers 6389 at the bottom.  I believe it is a den item; it shows up in your inventory as a den item. When it is placed next to another item, it says that it is that item that it is next to and appears to be loading.


I think that this is a very strange item. What about you? Tell me down below in the comments if you have seen this item floating around Jamaa.


March 30, 2017- Update

1. Spring Phantom items have come and are available for a limited time in the Diamond Shop.  Don’t forget to grab yours before they leave!! 

2. Liza’s Garden, the newest den, is here! Look for a tour of the den on this blog, coming soon. 

3. The update we’ve all been waiting for, 1000 buddy slots for members, is here! Now it’s easier than ever to meet new buddies around Jamaa.

4. The Spring Festival is here, and there are 100 eggs for you to find hidden around the adventure! A speed walkthrough may be posted on here soon. 

5. Don’t forget to check out the April Fools’ Party before it leaves for good. tonqueout This zany party features lots of cool items that you can use to make a unique look! 

6. Grab your cheetah now, because they’re back from their travels at last.

7. If you’ve ever played Play Wild, you know that Fast Foodies is a fun game! Now, it’s available on the standard Animal Jam and you can play this game whenever you want!

8.  Snow leopards are going to join the fun soon and return from their travels! 

9. Make sure to check out the new exhibit in the Conservation Museum called Speed in Nature before it changes!




My name is Fuzzy, and I’m here to talk to you about Animal Jam.

A little about me:

I’ve been playing AJ for quite a few years! I’m a hardcore fan of all the AJ Youtubers out there and love making my own videos on occasion to share with my friends and family. I also LOVE glitches- read about them on the Glitches page!