Secret Shop in Liza’s Garden

In every featured den, there’s a secret shop. In Liza’s Garden, that secret shop is the Chestnut Roasting Cart!

You will start at the stone. Walk towards the black stone sculpture located right next to the stone steps.

Then, follow the path past the lights and to the small staircase. Walk up the staircase and to the next set of steps. After you have walked up those, there will be one more set of steps before you find a stone circle.

In the middle of the stone circle, there will be some tiki chairs and a tiki table. Walk past those and up the next set of stairs. You will find a stone path leading past a wheelbarrow and a gong.

Find the orange trees down the path. In the middle, there will be a red cart with chestnuts on it and steam rising from it. Click on the middle and a shop will pop up.

Finally, you can buy your chestnut cart for only 750 gems! 😉


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