I just wanted to highlight some of my favorite art and artists in Animal Jam. Here we go:

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Check these artists’ dens out- they’re pretty cool!


Secret Shop in Liza’s Garden

In every featured den, there’s a secret shop. In Liza’s Garden, that secret shop is the Chestnut Roasting Cart!

You will start at the stone. Walk towards the black stone sculpture located right next to the stone steps.

Then, follow the path past the lights and to the small staircase. Walk up the staircase and to the next set of steps. After you have walked up those, there will be one more set of steps before you find a stone circle.

In the middle of the stone circle, there will be some tiki chairs and a tiki table. Walk past those and up the next set of stairs. You will find a stone path leading past a wheelbarrow and a gong.

Find the orange trees down the path. In the middle, there will be a red cart with chestnuts on it and steam rising from it. Click on the middle and a shop will pop up.

Finally, you can buy your chestnut cart for only 750 gems! 😉

How To Get Gems Fast

Gems can be a struggle to get. I remember playing the minigames repeatedly just to get a decent amount of gems. I finally gave up and started to recycle my items, but I lost a lot that way.
Wanting to know how to get gems fast? Fuzzy here with some great information.


The best way to get gems is to play the Adventure Training Grounds.

I know. You’re probably thinking, “Fuzzy, what are you talking about? All you have to do is play Falling Phantoms for a while and you’ll get a ton of gems.”
No. Let’s think about this. In Training Grounds, you get 250 gems each time. In Falling Phantoms, that number varies. Who’s to say you’ll win every single time?

If you play Training Grounds in one minute, you’re getting 250 gems per minute. That’s 3750 per 15 minutes, 7500 per 30 minutes, and 15000 gems per hour.
See? It’s really the best way to earn gems. There’s no fluctuation in the amount of gems you’re earning, and if you really get good at it, you can even drop your time down to fifty seconds and get even more gems in one hour.

Weird Item/Glitch

What is this weird item?

I saw this strange item floating around Jamaa, and wanted to share it with you guys…

Screenshot 2017-04-08 at 7.35.20 AM
What is this item, and why is it in Animal Jam?

As you guys can tell, this item is just a blank box with the numbers 6389 at the bottom.  I believe it is a den item; it shows up in your inventory as a den item. When it is placed next to another item, it says that it is that item that it is next to and appears to be loading.


I think that this is a very strange item. What about you? Tell me down below in the comments if you have seen this item floating around Jamaa.